Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing

Why Voice Marketing?

Voice Marketing use moulded voice to engage people, catering the large audience within minutes and attract more audience. We save time, human resource and money as well. Communication can be done anytime by using recorded voice. Even various questions related to particular thing which are so obvious, are recorded too, to remove the hindrance of time.

Whether you are working on websites, Tv commercials, radio or print ads, we should have one stop shop which makes it simple and saves a lot of time. People rarely have to wait for the responses from anyone. They also work on Sundays and one does not need to wait for Mondays to get their thing to do.

As technology is upgraded, we use latest modes of communication. Lately, pamphlets were used for small advertisement. People used to write letters in quest of asking something, which in general not seen by anybody, jus a piece of paper. That was a waste of everything, energy, time, paper, but by having voice thing, you don’t need to get those things done. This becomes a matter of seconds and your problems are solved. Current market Situations demand Voice Marketing much to help you reach and persuade the consumers quickly and effectively.

The power of voice can do anything, as we all know about RJs. This is done through calls or recorded voice stuff. They cater the large number of audience just by recording and does not include much manpower. This saves human energy, time and capital invested.


  • To provide good quality communication
  • Saves time by using recorded IVR messages
  • To cater the valuable information
  • To provide right information to the right people

Missed Call

A missed call is one of the best ways to know what the customers want. You can use our missed call service to run your campaign for your business as well as the speedy acquisition of customers and their details in real-time.


We also provide Toll-Free telephone number to our clients as and when required. These are telephone numbers with distinct three-digit code that can be dialed from landlines with no charge to the person placing the calls. These numbers are very common and being used customer-service calling. This traditional way to provide services to potential customers and others with a free and convenient way to promote business.


Our organization also provides IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System. It is a call center software feature that greets customers and aids them in self-sorting by presenting them with options of how to route themselves.


We provide the OBD (Out Bound Dialer) service and it is designed for the specific purpose which is capable of calling phone numbers of its choice or instructed by some data. Basically this system generated the call.

Call Centre

On customer’s demand or campaigning for any specific activities we set up a call center and provide our best assistance with our trained staff. We do take the assignments from small to a big projects for a specific and longer duration.