Voice Call Services

Voice Call Services

Voice Call

The voice call service provided by cloud telephony equips businesses with sophisticated communication functionalities over the internet. It encompasses call routing, automated call handling through IVR, call recording, voicemail, caller identification, conference calling, analytics, CRM integration, and scalability. These features contribute to improved customer service, operational efficiency, and heightened productivity.

What is Voice Calls?

Voicecall services leverage the power of the web to transmit voice information in a continuous flow. They convert analog sound signals into digital packets, which can then be sent and received over IP networks. This innovation dispenses with the requirement for committed phone lines and considers more proficient and adaptable correspondence. Utilize our services to send significant data like

  • Alerts/ reminders
  • Business promotion
  • Latest offers and deals
  • Surveys customer
  • political campaign
  • Social campaigns


The expression “voice call feature” for the most part refers to explicit functionalities or abilities related with settling on and getting voice calls. These elements upgrade the client experience and give extra choices during voice communications. The specific highlights accessible can differ contingent upon the sort of correspondence administration or gadget being utilized. Here are some normal voicecall highlights:

Special Features

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Voice Call Use Cases
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