Brand Buzz Campaigns

Brand Buzz Campaigns

Why Brand Buzz Campaign?

Brand Buzz Campaign is a marketing tool that refers to marketing strategies that capture the attention to prospective customers and other business influencers to intensify the marketing message for any product or brand in leveraging the revenue generation as well brand positioning. It propels business activities and becomes entertaining and newsworthy to both i.e. organization as well as customers. Brand Buzz Campaign or marketing is also known as Viral Marketing that targets maximizing the word-of-mouth potential of particular campaign or any product. It may be through conversation among consumer’s family and friends or larger scale discussions through various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Organizations or companies try to maintain a presence on these platforms and can interact with customers, takes feedback, address issues or concerns and promote their products and services.

Mishtel has always been the customer’s choice for its brand buzz campaign and to optimize their business to get revenue. We offer the following services to ease our marketing strategy, exploring brand engagement and revenue generation for the particular product and services. The social media has become a prime platform to engage customers and trigger brand promotional activities. In today’s scenario, the marketing strategy is completely aligned with brand buzz campaigning which motivates, influences the target audience with fast-paced social media attributes and mobile gadgets. Our expertise lies in the same and we provide these services with our meticulous planning and swift approach.

Mobile Topup, Recharge, Talk Time

As per the client’s requirement or to any product’s campaign we do provide such facility with click to link facility in availing such feature.

We do provide a mobile recharge service that allows you to send credit to any prepaid mobile users and such an option is required by the clients for their specific product marketing or brand promotion.

Talk Time – During the product campaign corporate and other organizations use this process to attract customers who may be prospective buyers to the specific product.

Caller Tunes

This is the most desired feature to spread awareness and incisive towards acquiring a large amount of customer base. Basically, these features mainly used in election campaigning, new album released, jingles and spiritual songs.

Mobile Coupons

Our clients from across the domain like E-Commerce, Travel & Tours and others do prefer to get this feature during their product’s campaign.

Instant Discount

In this feature, a link is shared to click and avail the instant discount option to the specific brand of the product and it is very common in the current business approach.

Marketing Campaign

A message is delivered to convey any specific awareness of products and service so that a glimpse of ideas get shared.