Email Marketing

Email Marketing

About Email Marketing

Marketing your idea with the larger number of people without using much resources, just by sending messages electronically, called Email Marketing. People register their mail accounts to somewhere and we collect the data and by using that, we send them Emails offering Special offers, credits, facilities and many more. This is also done by having some search actions of people on internet.
Email Marketing is basically of two types Promotional, where emails are sent in bulk to larger audience available, and other as Transactional, wherein, there are integrated emails provided to people based on their choices.

promotional emails

Mishtel Promotional Emails

Promotional Emails

  • Special offers showing offers on various products and services.
  • To have an increase in sales, Sale Email is done through Email marketing.
  • Emails showing holiday offers reaches to Travelers.
  • Announcement of Events is made by Emails officially.
  • Whenever there is an upgradation anywhere, likewise in technology, arts, current trends basically, so to provide information regarding to that, Emails are made.
  • We also provide Apology emails, in case you have made a huge mistake and want to reach out to the larger audience and demanding for apology.
  • Invitation to people for events and hearings are made publicly through our promotional mails.
  • Information regarding Some important things are made through promotional emails.

Transactional Emails

We provided information to our target audience. These emails are basically based upon their action, their search engine thing and we provide them integrated emails which suits their needs and desires.

Integrated communication here leads to information transfer which is not in bulk. The aim here is to have a good response from all of them. Their choices are our utmost priority. We help them building a good relationship with their suppliers.

Email marketing is considered to be a clever market reach which reaches the audience without much amount invested in marketing. Also, there is no obligation in marketing. It is like one-man Army. Security in delivering message and react directly to the audience in their mail box without spamming.


Mishtel Transactional Emails