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About Us

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Mishtel Services Pvt Ltd

We Mishtel Services Private Limited, your trusted partner expertised in transforming how you communicate! Mishtel is at the forefront of providing user-friendly services in cloud telephony and related services. From state-of-the-art cloud phone systems and innovative SMS marketing campaigns to seamless Voice IVR systems and WhatsApp bulk messaging, we specialize in creating unparalleled connections. As pioneers in the industry, we offer a suite of services, including bulk SMS, bulk Voice, custom SMS, and custom Voice services, ensuring your business stays on the top of efficient and effective communication. Whether you need bulk SMS, an IVR system, or a WhatsApp bulk message solution, Contact Center, we’ve got you covered. Join us on this journey where technology meets communication, and let Mishtel Services redefine the way you connect with the world.

We are also Government-certified under Startup India.

We provide brands with a clear idea about customer behaviours as well as the success rate of implemented campaigns. We are a technology-driven company and provide end-to-end solutions for digital marketing needs.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a competitive environment in digital marketing services with cutting edge technology, easy to use business platform with reliable communication medium for mutual benefits.

Our Mission

We aim to cater to our valued customers with our consistent and innovative approach in leveraging business to achieve sustained and scalable growth trajectory.



ur team is highly motivated and completely synergized with visionary leadership to achieve the mission of transforming the business approach through digital media combined with the traditional approach.

We have teams who believe in innovation, agility, and transparency which directly implicate and visible in our business approach. They always indulge in brainstorming with creative ideas and digital marketing strategies which reflects in our deliverable.

Mishtel ensures that world-class solutions are delivered as per the customer’s need and always collaborate to create next-gen technology solutions and products for the specific client.

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