Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Why Corporate Yoga?

Deadlines, meetings, excel sheets, strategies, and diverse opinions often lead to stress and anxiety. And when they are not managed properly, you end up with Burnout, reduced efficiency, mental and physical illnesses. Yoga is a great tool to not just drive away stress, anxiety and other off-shoots, but also to improve your overall wellbeing and happiness.

Setting aside a few minutes for Yoga at work can increase your bandwidth and productivity, leave you feeling fresh and light and empowered to do more with power and passion.

What is taught

Our integrated and comprehensive approach to Yoga includes several elements that address common workplace issues, and help you manage your mind and body better


Yogasanas or Yoga poses rapidly burn away the stress that is physically stored in the muscles, and keep serious illnesses at bay. They make you stronger and more agile.


Guided meditations are an effective form of conscious relaxation and calm the body and mind to achieve deep rest.


Learn to use breath to balance the 5 elements in your body and mind. Mudras are a simple key to health and well-being.


Pranayama or Yogic breathing techniques rejuvenate the body and mind, so you feel energized and fresh throughout the day.


Explore some of the fascinating wisdom that Yoga has to offer, that will help you deal with day-to-day work-life challenges.

Yogic Cleansing

Experience Yogic cleansing processes that help remove built up toxins from the body, with particular emphasis on the respiratory and digestive systems.