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Use our 40+ various Line of messaging & voice services for modern digital marketing campaigns such as OTP SMS, Flash SMS, Smart Link SMS, Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Dynamic Content SMS, Bulk Voice/OBD, Calls- Promotional/ Transactional/OTP, Bulk Voice/OBD Calls with Single or Double DTMF Calls, Bulk Voice/OBD Calls with DTMF, and many more.

Contact Center

We have developed our software, Solutions & Deployed our owned hardware in Data Centers. We Have Multiple Owned / Co-lo Data center with different geographic location with balanced traffic & POI’s. Dedicated data center solutions projects with End 2 END process.

Promotional Campaigns

We do Brand Positioning Project, Digital Marketing Projects, Cloud Based / Dedicated BPO Projects. We use this service to aim at alerting client’s target market to a product launch, service expansion, or brand initiative.

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