What is IVR and OBD?

IVR (Intuitive Voice Reaction) and OBD (Outbound dealing) are the two advancements utilized in media transmission frameworks, yet they fill various needs:

    IVR (Interactive Voice Response)             OBD (Outbound Dealing)




IVR is a robotized communication framework that connects with guests, accumulates data, and courses calls to the suitable beneficiary utilizing voice and contact tone keypad determinations. OBD includes robotized frameworks settling on outbound decisions to convey pre-recorded messages to an enormous number of beneficiaries. It’s frequently utilized for notices, alarms, and showcasing purposes.


It is generally utilized for client care lines, data hotlines, and different situations where guests need to explore through a menu to arrive at the right office or administration. OBD can be utilized for different applications, for example, arrangement updates, obligation assortment calls, special messages, and political mission outreach.


At the point when you call a client care line and hear a recorded voice saying, “Press 1 for charging requests, press 2 for specialized help,” you are communicating with an IVR framework. An OBD framework may be utilized by a medical care supplier to consequently call patients and help them to remember impending arrangements.

How Does IVR and OBD work ?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Works:

  • Call Initiation: The cooperation starts when a guest dials a telephone number related with an IVR framework.
  • Greeting and Menu: The IVR framework welcomes the guest with a pre-recorded message and presents a menu of choices. These choices are typically passed on through voice prompts or contact tone keypad determinations.
  • Caller Input: The guest answers the prompts by squeezing the comparing keys on their telephone or by utilizing voice orders.
  • Data Input and Processing: The IVR framework processes the contribution from the guest, gathering data or steering the call in light of the chose choices.
  • Call Routing: Contingent upon the guest’s feedback, the IVR framework courses the call to the suitable objective, which could be a particular division, expansion, or considerably another IVR menu.
  • Information Retrieval: In situations where the IVR framework is intended to give data, it recovers and conveys the applicable data to the guest through recorded messages.
  • Transaction Completion: For frameworks taking care of exchanges (like bill installments), the IVR guides the guest through the interaction and finishes the exchange.
  • Call Conclusion: In the wake of satisfying the motivation behind the call, the IVR framework might end the call or move the guest to a live specialist if vital.

OBD (Outbound Dialing) Works:

  • Database Preparation: The association or business readies a data set of telephone quantities of the expected beneficiaries for the outbound informing effort.
  • Message Recording: A pre-recorded message is made, passing on the essential data, declaration, or promoting message.
  • Campaign Configuration: The OBD framework is arranged with the message, the rundown of telephone numbers, and any planning inclinations.
  • Initiation of Calls: The OBD framework starts computerized outbound calls to the telephone numbers in the data set.
  • Recipient Answer: At the point when a beneficiary responses the call, they hear the pre-recorded message. A few frameworks may likewise permit beneficiaries to communicate with the message through touch-tone reactions.
  • Voicemail Handling: In the event that the call goes to voice message, the OBD framework can leave the pre-recorded message on the beneficiary’s voice message.
  • Call Monitoring: OBD frameworks might have observing abilities to follow call conveyance status, answer rates, and other pertinent measurements.
  • Data Collection: OBD frameworks can gather information ready to come in case of an emergency results, like fruitful conveyances, unanswered calls, and any beneficiary collaborations.
  • Campaign Analysis: After the mission is finished, organizations can break down the outcomes and adapt for future missions in light of the gathered information.

Benefits between IVR and OBD ?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Efficient Call Routing: IVR frameworks can really course approaching calls to the suitable divisions or people in light of the guest’s feedback, diminishing the requirement for manual mediation.
  • 24/7 Availability: IVR guarantees persistent accessibility, permitting guests to get to data or play out specific undertakings even external customary business hours.
  • Cost Savings: Via computerizing the underlying phases of client associations, organizations can lessen the requirement for human administrators for routine assignments, prompting cost reserve funds.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: IVR offers a self-support choice for clients, empowering them to get data or complete exchanges without sitting tight for a live specialist rapidly.
  • Data Collection: IVR frameworks can gather and handle information from guests, giving significant experiences into client inclinations and ways of behaving for organizations to work on their administrations.

OBD (Outbound Dialing)

  • Mass Communication: OBD permits organizations to convey messages to a huge crowd at the same time, making it a productive device for mass correspondence, promoting efforts, and declarations.
  • Automated Notifications: OBD frameworks robotize the most common way of conveying significant notices, updates, or alarms, guaranteeing ideal correspondence with beneficiaries.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: OBD is a savvy strategy for contacting a wide crowd with special messages or updates without the requirement for manual dialing.
  • Increased Reach: OBD frameworks can arrive at an expansive segment, making it an incredible asset for organizations, political missions, or associations hoping to generally scatter data.
  • Time Efficiency: OBD saves time by conveying pre-recorded messages to different beneficiaries all the while, permitting organizations to zero in on other basic assignments.